Miku Sushi in Chicago's Lincoln Square Celebrates First Anniversary
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Miku Sushi, the stylish Japanese restaurant serving creative sushi, authentic Japanese ramen and other food delights, celebrates its one-year anniversary. This popular sushi destination, has built a steady following among neighborhood locals and Japanese food lovers from surrounding areas, by focusing on quality and variety, coupled with creativity and beautiful presentation.

Owners Stanley Liem and Sara Katekaew have succeeded by setting very high standards, refusing to cut corners. "We have taken it upon ourselves to build a really talented team and we do things that Japanese people in Chicago expect and our American guests now look forward to," said Liem. "For example, we get our sushi grade fish from the renowned Tsukiji Market, the largest fish market in Japan. We choose the freshest fish of the day and it is flown directly to Chicago. It's definitely a challenge, but we believe we owe it to our guests to serve only the freshest and finest."

The extensive Maki menu is divided into three sections, Signature, Classic and Traditional, each with its special focus. This enables Miku to offer maki creations for the adventurous as well as for purists. The menu also offers many other dishes, including soups, salads, hot and cold small plates, Skewers, nigari, sushi and sashimi, and large entrées.

Make sure to Try: Miku's most popular Signature Maki Flaming Dragon maki
baked, shrimp temura, salmon, super white tuna, black tobiko, scallion served on flaming plate; Tuna Tartar - truffle soy, avocado, chive, micro green, chips; Rock Shrimp - tempura, house spicy sweet glaze, mixed green; Ramen, which is prepared with absolutely no short cuts; Great Sake menu.

Check out Miku's one-year anniversary special from January 16-31 with half price specials on all Maki rolls served between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
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Miku Sushi 4514 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago